2 min readFeb 20, 2022
A milky way with the image of a human in front
Image by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

A miracle I cannot shake
Is that I’m here. Alive. Awake.
In a world where all is fake—
Manufactured realities
Past generations failed to anticipate
From the deepest depths of ocean do
Emerge the ghosts of stars we knew
To navigate and to explore
Eventually by machines that soared,
For once they reflected off waters' edge
But not with cities of industries to fledge
And were I here to find our peace
To share with someone this release
It’s not my place—not by force,
To reveal to you our fatal course
Our species is not privileged here
We too will wither and disappear.
Your money will not save nor quell
Rotting in what illusions sell
By listening to Lachises’s web that gleams
We live manufactured hopes and dreams
It’s dangerous to leave all to fate
When those who invent are bound to create
And many wish to see through diluted skies
Where heavens forever hypnotize
Yet still below there’s so much unknown
As if that knowledge is unworthy zone.
Some propose connecting solar flares
Electromagnetic energy dances catching stares
Connect this now with anomalies
Slow movements of tectonic plates beneath seas
As they’ve floated on molten ferrous mass
Over twenty years of data we now can ask
And other secrets are unveiled each day
In this fight against time climate changing in every way
Why strive to leave this rock alive?
Instead— fight for all to survive.

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